A wide range of knitting processings to meet the needs of our customers.
Our ability to innovate meets the tradition.

We are able to work from the fineness n. 3 (coarse) to n. 12 (fine mesh). We use a wide range of yarns (see "raw materials") and give the customer the ability to personalize with embroidery, prints, hand-made applications, jaqaurd, inserts, fleece, leather, fur, faux fur, rhinestones and a list of accessories always updated according to the trends.

Products and Style

Creativity and experience. A good combination for high quality, original and cutting edge products. The company is able to meet the various targets: from basic sportswear to the fashion-conscious accesories, up to the stylish and sophisticated products.

Our production covers knitted accessories: hats, scarves and gloves, along with other "fashion"-oriented items, such as stoles, shawls, ponchos, belts, leggings. Our products are intended for women, men, kids and babies.

The collection is constantly evolving. We invest time and energy in finding beautiful and feasible solutions, in order to make the garments we produce original, eye-catching and at the same time competitive. The research work is carried out both in collaboration with designers, who help us to develop new lines and by our direct initiative, based on the inspiration of the moment.

We also work directly with the designers of our customers, who present us with their designs to be realized.

Raw Materials

The right choice of yarn is fundamental for the success of the garments: wool, cashmere, mohair, angora, alpaka, acrylic, cotton, either pure or mixed with other fibers, recycled ecolgical yarns and / or fleece. This choice is the result of  the needs of our customers meeting our proposals, looking for the best value for money.

Even the "hand" of hats and scarves is very important, so we are always looking for yarns that give a pleasant feeling to the touch. The supplying spinning mills are all Italian, in order to guarantee the quality of the finished product we offer.

Made in Italy Quality

All our products are MADE IN ITALY and we are certified by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers. The policy of our company is uncompromising on this: we preferred to offer our expertise in manufacturing because we are convinced that this is our true wealth. Rather than focus on the relocation or importation, our challenge was to continue to produce in our area, improving the organization to optimize costs and offering customers high quality products of guaranteed origin, at a competitive price.

The quality is guaranteed by continuous monitoring at every stage of production. Wraparound scarves, hats and a original touch, always smooth and pleasant. We like to think that every hat coming out from our factory protects the ideas of the wearer from the winter cold!